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Yamaha, Yamaha EPH-100 In-Ear Headphone
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Yamaha EPH-100 In-Ear Headphone

SKU: EPH-100
Nuestro precio: $199.95

The EPH-100 in ear headphones are the result of Yamahas desire to enable you to hear not only clear music, but the sounds of the performers breathing or the bassists plucking of the strings, and even the emotions the artist put into the music. These new-concept headphones use a 6mm (1/4) diameter super-compact driver to deliver the sound to your ears in pure form. Superb tuning only possible from Yamaha with its long musical instrument and audio experience reproduces every minute detail. With the EPH-100, youll fall in love with your favorite music all over again.
Precision-shaped Aluminum Conveys Luxury and Quality: The body is formed of precision-shaped aluminum with a finish that is resistant to scratching and corrosion. The design, texture and detailed workmanship convey the sense of luxury of a high quality product.
Super-Compact 6mm (1/4) Driver: The EPH-100 features a 6mm (1/4) diameter super-compact driver that can be inserted straighter and closer to the eardrum than ordinary earphones. This allows you to hear pure, low-distortion sound without unwanted sound reflections. You enjoy natural, accurate reproduction with all sound sources.
Two-Stage Flange for Powerful Sound and Superior Comfort: The earpad has a two-part flange; the first part smoothly guides the driver into the ear, and the second fixes the earpad firmly in your ear. Tightly sealed for minimal sound leakage, it lets you enjoy powerful bass sound. The snug fit ensures optimal comfort. You can choose from among five earpad sizes to suit your ear size and preference, ensuring maximum comfort as you enjoy your music.
Clear Sound with Sharp Definition: The body is made of high quality aluminum, exceptionally light and hard, it provides a good feel while helping to minimize sound loss. Air outlet holes in the driver unit and exterior adjust sound quality and provide optimum sound emission with sharp definition.
Tangle-Resistant Elastomer Cable: When carrying the headphones in your bag or pocket, they are firmly attached to the base of the plug. The smart cable holder prevents tangling so the cable can be smoothly taken out and used. In addition, the cable is made of elastomer material that resists kinking or curling. The gold-plated, L-shaped plug is designed with priority on sound quality.


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